Red Dog Casino Game

This game is also referred to as Red Dog Poker or Yablon. The game is purely based on luck and played with cards and chips. The game is a variant of In-BETween and Acey-Deucey. Red dog was hugely known to be played in brick and mortar casinos, but it is available in online casinos as well. Don’t be confused by other games that might go with the same name as they are not similar or related in any way.

The game is played with a standard 52-card deck but can be played with as many as eight decks; the more the decks, the less the house edge. When playing with a single deck, the house edge is at 3.155%, but when you play it with eight decks, it will fall to 2.751%. This is different from other card games where the house edge increases as the number of decks increase.

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The game makes use of three cards, but cards are ranked similarly to poker where the highest ranked card is the ace. The game starts with the player placing a bet in a pot where two cards will be dealt, and you will have the liberty to wager any amount of money up to the full amount of the pot. You will have a third card dealt outside the two cards or an equivalent to one of the two cards. The objective of the game is to win your bet when it’s your turn to play.

This game was first introduced at Harold’s club in Reno in Nothern Nevada.

How to play Red Dog

Players on the table will be required to draw a card with the highest card drawn determining the dealer. The dealer will take action by starting to shuffle the deck and will deal cards to the players two cards faceup. If these two cards dealt are consecutive, then the hand will be termed as a push. When two cards are of similar value, you will have a third card dealt, and when it matches the other two, you will be announced as the winner, and you will get a payout of 11:1.

TOP questions about Red Dog Card Game
🐾 What is Red Dog card game?

It’s a luck-based variant of poker and, as such, shares some card values with that game. For example, an Ace is always the highest card. However, Red Dog can be played with up to eight decks, with more cards lowering the house edge. With one deck, the advantage is 3.155%, where eight decks reduce it to 2.751%.

🐾 How to play Red Dog card game?

Using a standard 52 card deck, each player draws a card, with the highest one determining the dealer. The dealer then shuffles the deck and deals two cards face-up to every player. If these cards are of a similar value, a third card is dealt. If the value of this third card falls between the other two, that player wins.

🐾 What are the Red Dog poker payouts?

It depends entirely on the casino where you play. Generally speaking, you’ll find €1 is a standard minimum bet, with €100 being a maximum. Red Dog uses progressive betting, which means it could be possible to get a sizable payout.

🐾 Where to play Red Dog poker online?

Red Dog isn’t as popular at online casinos as other poker variants, but you’ll still be able to find it on a few sites. We selected online casinos to play Red Dog casino game.

🐾 Is Yablon and Red Dog the same?

Yes. Red Dog is also known as Acey-Deucy and Between the Sheets, although the rules can vary slightly. Always make sure to double-check with an online casino what the rules are before joining a game.

If cards are not consecutive, then they are arranged according to their value with the lowest valued card being on the left and the higher valued card placed on the right. The dealer then issues a third mystery card facing down at the center of the table. You will be given the liberty to bet where your bet will be whether the third card’s value will be between the spread of the two cards on either position. For instance, if your first card is two and the second one is six, the spread here is three since there are three values in between.

When you have the two cards, you have the choice to call or raise. The stake you raise will be similar to the value you wagered in the ante bet. When the value of the mystery card falls between your spread, you will be the winner of the payout. The payout will be determined by your spread.

· One card spread will pay 5 times your bet

· Two card spread pays 4 times your wager

· Three card spread pays 2 times the bet

· A spread of four or more will pay one time your wager

In most cases, you will learn that the minimum bet most casinos will allow will be €1 while the maximum will be €100. You will be required to place your bets with the chips that you get served. After a win, you will have a choice to make a progressive bet, and this will require you to leave your winnings on the table for the upcoming hand. This is one of the ways that you will get to the maximum table bet and the maximum allowed is €1,000.

Red Dog Strategy

Similar to other games in casinos, you can employ a few tips to make your chances of winning higher. This will also assist you in keeping the house edge to a minimum. As a punter, without doubt, you can be tempted at hitting the one or two card spreads.

From statistics, it has been found that the bet should be increased if the spread stands at seven or more. Look at the table below on calculation on the spread against the house edge:

Card SpreadHouse Edge
SpreadAdvantage over Casino

As you may notice from the table, when your advantage appears, and this is from 7 spreads and above, you should increase your bets.

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