Casino Games for Real Money

People often say heart wants what it wants, but we can’t agree to it when choosing casino games. If you wager real cash, you must be smarter than that!

Casino games offer diverse entertainment experiences, attracting players from all walks of life. They also come with different payout rates and mechanics.

Our ultimate casino games list explores the most popular and generous game types, providing a full overview of everything you must know.

Best Casino Games List

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing with or without a casino games bonus; you must understand what the best games are and what makes them good picks. Staying informed is essential if you hope to break even or profit when gambling online.

The number and type of these games are constantly increasing, so it takes some time to cover them all.

To save you precious time, we invite you to check our casino games list with the best options. You can play these titles at the top-rated casino sites, and many have their own no deposit casino games variants.

Before we pay attention to each game individually, let’s get a glimpse of the main traits of the covered game types.

Casino GameRulesOddsSpeedBudget
BlackjackMediumFavourableFast-pacedLow to high
RouletteMedium or complexNot favourableSlowLow to high
BaccaratMediumSemi-favourable (Banker bet)Fast-pacedLow to medium
Video PokerMediumSemi-favourableFast-pacedLow to medium
PokerComplexVariesSlow to mediumMedium to high
KenoEasyNot favourableFast-pacedLow
BingoEasyNot favourableMediumLow
Online SlotsEasy or mediumSemi-favourableFast-pacedLow to high
Online Scratch Off CardsEasyNot favourableFast-pacedLow


Blackjack is one of the most admired online casino games that use cards. If you’re browsing for casino games win real cash options, blackjack will pop up almost immediately.

Also known as Twenty-One, this game pits the Player against the dealer. The goal is to get a hand with a card value as close as possible to 21 or exactly 21.

Another reason why many players across the globe are fond of playing blackjack casino games for real money is the simple yet fun gameplay.

Here’s how to play blackjack in several simple steps:

  1. Place your wager: Every Player must place chips in the designated area on the table before receiving cards.
  2. The deal: Players get two face-up cards. At the same time, the dealer receives one face-up card and one face-down card. The latter is also known as a hole card.
  3. Making your move: Based on your hand and the dealer’s face-up card, you can:
  • Stand: Stay with your current total.
  • Hit: Request another card to improve your hand.
  • Split: If you receive a pair, split them into two hands (requires an extra bet).
  • Double Down: Double your initial bet for one more card.
  1. The dealer’s move: The dealer must follow predetermined rules for drawing cards. These rules are related to their current hand value.
  2. Resolution: Win; Dealer Busts; Lose; You Bust; or Tie (Push).

If you play casino games for real cash in online casinos, you’ll find many variants, and blackjack is no exception. Some of the most popular are Spanish 21, Double Exposure Blackjack, and European Blackjack.

  • Spanish 21 is played without 10s, and promises boosted payouts for specific hands.
  • Pontoon is a blackjack variant similar to traditional blackjack, but the dealer’s cards are face-down.
  • Finally, in European Blackjack, the dealer gets only one face-up card and receives another once the Player completes their hand.

The game variants we mentioned and other options are available in some of the best blackjack casinos highlighted on our platform.

Expert verdict: blackjack is best for those looking for casino games with a low house edge.


Our casino games list continues with another iconic game – roulette. This classic casino game blends luck and thrill and has a truly unique concept. That’s why it’s been featured in possibly too many Hollywood movies!

Your job as a player is to predict where the ball lands on the roulette wheel featuring numbered slots.

If you want to understand the basics of roulette, this is what a standard round looks like:

  1. Place your wager: It all starts with placing bets on the layout. You can wager money on even/odd, red/black, individual numbers, or groups of numbers.
  2. The spin: After that, the croupier (or the software) spins the wheel, and the players wait to see where the ball ends.
  3. Result: Once the ball settles, you will see the winning number and check whether you’ve won something.
  4. Roulette payouts: The payouts you receive depend on the odds and type of bet placed. For instance, a winning bet on a column will pay twice your wager, while a winning bet on odds or even will provide even money.

Like most casino games with real money, roulette has many variants.

  • One is European Roulette, a standard game version with numbers from 1 to 36 and a single 0.
  • On the other hand, the American Roulette also includes a double zero (00).
  • Mini Roulette is a version of this table game with a wheel featuring 12 numbers and a single 0.
  • We should also mention French Roulette with its La Partage and En Prison rules, which allow players to use side bets.

We invite you to try these games at some of the best roulette casinos we’ve reviewed.

Expert verdict: Roulette is best for players looking for fast-paced games with simple rules.


Baccarat is among the oldest casino games on our casino games list. This popular game with simple gameplay relies on standard playing card decks. As a player, you wager money on the result of two hands: the Player’s and the Banker’s hand.

In the following few points, we will see how the standard Baccarat gameplay takes place:

  1. Place your wager: You must begin by selecting the size of your bet and choosing one of the options to bet on: the Player or Banker hand or a tie.
  2. The deal: Next, the dealer deals two face-up cards to the Banker and Player hands.
  3. Card values: The cards in Baccarat have specific values:
  • Cards from 2 to 9 are worth their face value.
  • Jack, Queen, and King (face cards), as well as 10s, are worth 0.
  • Aces are worth 1.
  1. Hand totals: Only the rightmost digit of any hand total is taken into account. For instance, a hand featuring a 6 and a 7 is worth 3 because 6 plus 7 equals 13, but only 3 is taken into account.
  2. Drawing extra cards: Drawing rules depend on the starting values of the Banker and Player hands.
  3. Resolution: The hand closest to 9 is the winning hand. Also, the winning bets on the winning hand promise payouts based on the selected bet (even money for Banker wins and slightly less for Player wins). Lastly, tie bets promise higher payouts (typically 8:1).

Even though the basic rules are similar, some online casinos offer variants like Punto Banco and Mini-Baccarat with a few twists.

  • Punto Banco, for example, is the most common variant, which forces the Player and Banker to draw a third card in specific situations.
  • Mini-Baccarat has lower table limits and more straightforward rules, making it ideal for newbies.

Head to our section about the best baccarat casinos to find top-rated sites offering this game.

Expert verdict: Baccarat is among the casino games best options for those playing on a budget.

Video Poker

When video poker was introduced in the mid-1970s, it became an instant hit among gamblers seeking casino games cash action. Today, video poker has a guaranteed spot on every casino games list focused on the most played game types.

Simply put, video poker is a casino game where you play against a machine instead of a dealer or another player. Many call it a child between poker and slot machines. It’s up to you to agree or not, but the joke is out there in the world.

As for the gameplay, here’s what it looks like:

  1. Place your wager: Select the desired stake amount with the help of the on-screen buttons.
  2. The deal: You’ll receive five cards on the screen after that.
  3. Hold and/or discard: Check your hand and decide which cards to hold (keep) and which to discard. Usually, you should use the “hold” button below each card to keep them.
  4. Draw: Once you choose the holds, hit the play button to check the new values of the cards you’ve replaced. This is your final hand.
  5. Resolution: The video poker game will assess your hand against a paytable visible on the screen. Winning hands provide the displayed prizes. The stronger your hand is, the higher prizes you can expect.

The paytable we mentioned earlier determines the prize for your winning hand. Of course, this also depends on the size of your wager. Standard poker hand rankings include pairs, three-of-a-kind, straight, etc.

The good news for all players is that they can choose from tons of video poker variants.

  • One popular pick is Jack or Better, in which players need at least a pair of Jacks (or better) to be rewarded.
  • In addition, we have Deuces Wild, where all the deuces (2s) serve as wild cards, which means they substitute cards to help you create winning hands.
  • The Double Bonus Poker variant provides higher payouts for specific 4-of-a-kind hands.

If you’re interested in playing video poker, you can check out the best video poker casinos on our website.

Expert verdict: Video poker is an excellent choice for players looking for online casino games real cash options with simple rules but also strategizing.


We can’t discuss playing casino games for cash without spending some time on poker. In a broader sense, poker is a family of card games in which you compete to get the best hand against other players.

Those looking for thrilling casino games live action often go with poker as the game of choice. Poker is fast-paced, it requires various strategies, and excellent bluffing skills. Even when you’re playing it online against the computer, it still offers unique adrenaline rushes.

Now let’s see what playing one of the best real casino games looks like:

  1. Place your ante: Before any card is dealt, every Player places a forced bet known as an ante. In some cases, they use blinds.
  2. The deal: Players get a specific number of face-down (hole) cards.
  3. Betting rounds: This step depends on the variant, but there’s at least one betting round where each Player can call, raise, fold, or check.
  4. Community cards: Once the starting betting round is over, the dealer reveals the community (shared) cards one by one. You can use these cards with your hole cards to get the best five-card hand.
  5. Showdown: Players who stay until the last betting round will reveal their cards, and the one with the top-ranking hand wins the pot, consisting of all bets.

The hand rankings depend on the poker variant, but they usually include pairs, 3-of-a-kind, straight, flush, etc.

While discussing the variants, let’s note that there are many variants out there.

  • Undoubtedly, Texas Hold ’em is the most played, and involves two hole cards for every player and five community cards.
  • There’s also Omaha Hold ’em, which is more complex since you are forced to use precisely two hole and three community cards.
  • Razz, 5 Card Draw, and Seven Card Stud are other popular variants.

It’s important to note that poker on the internet can be peer-to-peer or RNG-powered. In the first case, you play against other people. In the second case, you play alone and against the software at the best online poker casinos. Some of these sites let you play casino games with free welcome bonus.

Expert verdict: Poker is the best choice for players who want to play games with strategizing and skill rather than pure luck.


Keno is a lottery-style game first played in China. Today, it’s one of the casino games that payout real money and boast the highest number of fans.

The excitement it brings and its simplicity are some of the reasons why players love it. Frankly, our iGaming experts enjoy a round of Keno here and there to unwind and test their favourite numbers.

This is what the basic gameplay of this game includes:

  1. Select your numbers: Choose between 1 and 20 numbers (in most cases) from a total of 80 on a card.
  2. Place your wager: Consider the numbers you want to play and the payout possibilities before choosing the size of your wager.
  3. The draw: The game draws 20 random numbers.
  4. Matching numbers: The winnings depend on the amount of the numbers you chose that match the drawn numbers. Obviously, the more matching numbers you have, the bigger the payout.

Let’s not forget that choosing more numbers means fewer chances of matching them, even though the potential payout goes up.

  • In addition to the standard Keno, we have popular variants like Power Keno, which comes with a multiplier feature.
  • On the other hand, Super Keno lets players pick more numbers than standard Keno.
  • With Combination Keno, you can make multiple wagers on a single card.

These and other keno variants are available in the best keno casinos we’ve reviewed and tested.

Expert verdict: Keno is the best option if you like very simple rules, fully random outcomes, and gameplay involving number drawings.


Bingo is another game that deserves to be included in our casino games list. The beloved game of chance experienced a renaissance when it became available online.

It’s a favourite among the ladies but it’s also an endless source of family and friends’ entertainment. Plus, who doesn’t love screaming BINGO when they hit the jackpot?!

Bingo has simple rules, which we will explain below:

  1. Buy a card: Start by buying a card where you will find a grid of random numbers.
  2. The call: The caller or software randomly draws and highlights numbered balls.
  3. Mark the card: You can do this manually or let the software do it.
  4. Winning patterns: The main objective is to complete a specific pattern on the card, such as a vertical line, horizontal line, or the entire card.

Different bingo variations offer varied winning patterns and game speeds.

  • For example, 75-Ball Bingo offers 5×5 grids with numbers and, as the name suggests, involves 75 numbers.
  • Then, we have 90-Ball Bingo, which is especially popular in the UK and Europe and features a 9×3 grid. You can complete one, two, or three lines to win prizes.
  • In Speed Bingo, you’ll find only 30 balls. This game features cards with 3×3 grids. It’s a very fast-paced variant of the popular game.

You’ll find the most played variants on our page with the best bingo casinos.

Expert verdict: Bingo caters to the needs of players interested in fast-paced gameplay, socialising, and number-based games.

Online Slots

Even though they appear pretty late on this list, online slots are the main heroes at most gambling sites these days. They are known for their lively visuals, fun themes, and enjoyable bonus features.

Playing online slot machines is like riding a rollercoaster. It’s fireworks, dancing, and anxiety all in one package. We love them for it, and we know our readers feel the same way!

As if they weren’t cool enough, operators made them even better by offering casino free spins bonuses for these games.

If you have never played online slots before, check how you can do that right away:

  1. Select a game: There are literally thousands of online slots out there. Take some time to choose the one that suits you.
  2. Set your wager: Since these are casino games that pay real money, you must choose your preferred wager amount before playing. Typically, you can wager between $0.20 and $50 per spin.
  3. Spin the reels: Press the Play button to activate the reels and wait for the outcome.
  4. Winning symbols: Landing identical symbols according to the paytable will get your predetermined prizes based on the symbol value and your wager amount.
  5. Bonuses: Most online slots provide thrilling bonus features such as free spins, re-spins, multipliers, and mini games.

As one of the best casino games on the market, online slots are available in many variants.

  • Classic slots, for instance, are modernized replicas of traditional slot machines with three reels and limited features.
  • Megaways slots include a dynamic reel structure, often featuring up to 117,649 ways to win.
  • We also have progressive slots promising massive prizes. The record-winning jackpot amounts associated with this slot variant are breathtaking.

To learn more about the best online slots casinos, visit the section on our website dedicated to these games.

Expert verdict: Online slots are ideal for casino enthusiasts looking for fast-paced games with excellent visuals, compelling storylines, and unique mechanics.

Online Scratch off Cards

Online scratch off cards, also known as scratch cards or scratchies, are virtual cards that allow players to win instantly.

Grab a card, reveal what’s hidden, and possibly bank a juicy prize. Who wouldn’t enjoy this concept?

Here’s how to play scratch cards online step by step:

  1. Pick a card: Explore the online casino’s selection of casino games for money and visit the “instant win” or “scratch off card” section. Pick a game with a theme and prizes you like.
  2. Set your wager: Select your desired bet amount with the help of on-screen controls.
  3. Reveal the symbols: Tap or click on the marked areas to virtually scratch off the hidden symbols. To speed up the process, you can use a “reveal all” option.
  4. Matching symbols: Revealing matching symbols based on the game’s rules will get you a prize.
  5. Collect the winnings: Winning online scratch-off cards will automatically credit your prize to your casino account balance.

The prizes depend on the specific structure and your bet.

  • Classic online scratchies are designed to look and work as close as possible to their traditional counterparts.
  • Another popular variant is interactive scratch-off cards, which usually encourage players to play mini-games or make specific choices to reveal potential rewards.

Remember that most online scratch off cards are themed and feature fun themes like movies, nature, money, history, etc.

Of course, we’ve handpicked the best online scratch ticket card sites for our readers. So, you won’t have to waste any time on boring research.

Expert verdict: If you’re into casino games for real money online with fast-paced gameplay and a note of mystery, scratch cards won’t disappoint you.

TOP questions about Best Online Casino Games
How do casino games work?

Casino games that pay out real money work using predetermined rules and RNG (random number generators). The results are determined through 100% randomized combinations generated by fair algorithms.

Are casino games rigged?

Reputable gambling sites like the ones we recommend on our website promise fair play. Rigging casino games real money action is almost impossible at regulated and licensed casino sites.

What casino games have the best odds?

Blackjack, baccarat, and video poker are crowned the casino games with highest odds, due to their low house edges and strategic approach. Still, the odds also depend on the type of bet you’ve chosen.

Where can I find the biggest jackpots?

Those looking for the biggest jackpots in casino games win real money options can count on progressive online slots. They are available on almost all gambling sites and often feature life-changing prizes.

Which games are best for beginners?

Online slots, roulette, and blackjack are probably the best beginner-friendly casino games to win real money. They have simple rules and don’t require almost any skills aside from understanding the basic gameplay.

How to win at casinos, and can I improve my winning chances?

These releases are based on chance and algorithms that generate independent outcomes. So, there’s no promise that casino games play for real money will end up profitable. However, understanding the rules, using basic strategies, staying disciplined, and managing your bankroll effectively can increase your winning chances.

What are the best free casino games?

Most casino sites provide free, i.e., demo versions of popular games. So, you can enjoy slots, poker, blackjack, and other games without risking real money. Thanks to casino games online free spins action, you can also enjoy slots without spending anything.

How do I choose a good casino?

Opt for a licensed gambling site with many games, positive user reviews, fast payouts, and professional customer support. Use our website’s guides with the best casino sites for the gaming options featured on our casino games list.

What game has the worst odds in a casino?

Games like Keno and progressive online slots often have very high house edges. This ultimately means they have less favourable odds for players than other casino games online that pay real money.

What are the best casino games?

The best casino games online for real money depend on the player’s preferences. Still, games like video poker, poker, blackjack, and the rest options highlighted on our casino games list are famous for their favourable odds and solid payouts.

🎲 What are the best online casino games to play?

It all depends on what kind of game you like, whether it’s a slot, cards or table games, progressive jackpots, live dealer games, or something else. Popular games include Reactoonz 2 slot game, Instant Roulette Live, Blackjack, and Slingo casino game.

❤ What casino games have the best odds?

Blackjack is considered one of the best casino games for odds, as there’s a 49% chance you’ll win. Craps and roulette also have close to 50% odds of winning. Calculate your exact odds with roulette odds calculator online. Ultimately, however, you’ll need a decent strategy and a hefty dose of luck.

🃏 What casino games have the worst odds?

Wheel of Fortune-style games typically only give you a 26% – 39% chance of winning. Online slots have variable RTP (Return to Player) values, but overall you’ll have a 1 in 49,836,032 chance of hitting a life-changing payload. Highest RTP slots list will help you to pick best slots.

🍀 What online casino game is easiest to win?

Many consider blackjack to be the easiest casino game to win, as it’s simple to learn and has relatively favorable odds.

🎰 What is the most popular online casinos to play?

There are plenty of reputable and decent online casinos to choose from, but we selected the most popular online casinos worth your time.

Best Casino Games Odds

When it comes to playing casino games online, understanding the odds can significantly affect your overall gambling experience.

For example, you may be playing casino games without deposit, and you need to clear the bonus. The best strategy is to play high payout games!

You may also hope to extend your playing time as long as possible. Once again, the best RTP titles will help with that!

As always, we’re here to assist you in making smart choices. This time, we’ve created a comparison table featuring the odds for the options on our casino games list.

After all, operators are making sure the odds are always in their favour. That’s why the online gambling market size grows by the year and that’s why you should protect your interest above all.

So, next time you’re clearing a casino games no deposit bonus or simply making the most out of your bankroll, you’ll know what to expect.

Casino GameHouse Edge
BlackjackAround 1%
Roulette (American/European/French)5.26%/2.7%/1.35%
Baccarat (Banker bet/Player bet/Tie bet)1.06%/1.24%/14.36%
Video Poker0.5% to 5%
PokerDepends heavily on the variant
Keno20% to 30%
BingoDepends heavily on the variant
Online Slots3% to 13% with exceptions
Online Scratch Cards20% to 30%

We can’t discuss exact odds and house edge because the casino games that pay real cash we highlighted have many variants. They also have different versions.

Additionally, these odds are affected by player skill and casino rules in some situations. So, the table above provides general estimates.

Expert note: When playing casino games with no deposit bonus check the list of eligible games before placing your first wager. Often, you’ll see that the games with best odds are banned from bonus play.

Best Casino Games to Win Money or Lose Money

One of the reasons people are attracted to casino games play is that they can win money.

For example, it’s 100% possible to play casino games with sign up bonus and then cash out some winnings. It sounds wild, but it’s the reality in the amazing iGaming world.

Still, not all these games are created equal; some give you more chances to win than others. We created a table to help you understand what you can expect from these games.

Casino GameMost Likely ToAdditional Information
BlackjackWinSkilled play and a strategic approach can significantly improve odds.
RouletteLoseHigh house edge due to the zero/s on the roulette wheel.
BaccaratWinBanker bet has one of the lowest house edges in all casino games.
Video PokerWinSkilful and disciplined play can reduce the house edge.
PokerVariesSkill plays a crucial role here.
Keno, Bingo, Online Slots, Online Scratch Off CardsLoseThese casino games have a high house edge, making winning less likely.

As you can see on our table, some games like video poker and blackjack offer chances to improve your odds with the help of strategy. However, other casino games, including online scratch off cards, online slots, Keno, and roulette, are way more in favour of the house in the long run.

Regardless of your choice, ensuring you understand the game, practicing certain variants, and trying specific strategies may influence the outcomes.

One thing is for sure – by playing casino games you can win real money, or you can lose some cash. Either way, you’ll have the best time of your life as long as you do it responsibly!

Gamble Responsibly

Responsible gambling is a term used to describe the practice of gambling in a way that is safe and enjoyable. It is important to be aware of the risks associated with gambling and to set limits for yourself. You should never gamble more money than you can afford to lose, and you should take breaks if you are feeling overwhelmed. If you are concerned about your gambling habits, there are resources available to help you.

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