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Video Poker has quite a long history which goes back to the late 1970s. Firstly, this game was introduced in land-based casinos as a replacement for those who were bored with monotonic slot machines. Video Poker had immediately gained a lot of popularity. More than 50 years after, Video Poker..Show more
Video Poker has quite a long history which goes back to the late 1970s. Firstly, this game was introduced in land-based casinos as a replacement for those who were bored with monotonic..Show more

Video Poker has quite a long history which goes back to the late 1970s. Firstly, this game was introduced in land-based casinos as a replacement for those who were bored with monotonic slot machines. Video Poker had immediately gained a lot of popularity. More than 50 years after, Video Poker games can be found in almost every online casino. What makes them especially attractive? First of all, video poker games require skills. Combined with your knowledge and their high RTP video poker can be one of the most profitable choices in online casinos. It is worth mentioning that there are many different types of video poker – Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Jacks Or Better, Aces and Faces, Bonus Poker, and so on. Each of them has its own specifics. In this article, you will be able to find a detailed comparison between video poker games as well as some tips on how to choose the best online casino for this game.

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FAQ for Online Video Poker
▶ How to play video poker?

It is pretty simple and requires less knowledge than playing regular poker. You just need to choose the right casino, find your favorite game (for eg.: Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Ultimate Texas Holdem, etc.) and place a bet.

▶ What is video poker at Casino?

It is a type of poker which is available to play at online casinos. It is different because usually you are playing against the house (casino) and not against other players.

▶ Where to play video poker online?

Most of the online casinos offer video poker. We would recommend trying out PartyCasino, 1xBet, Unibet, 1xBit or Cloudbet.

▶ What are the types of video poker games?

There are many different types: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Tens or Better, Aces and Faces, Bonus Poker, etc.

▶ Which video poker game should I play?

There are quite a few options to choose from. But we would recommend trying Jacks or Better – it is simple to play, can be found in most of the casinos and usually offers an attractive 99.54% return. If you are a fan of Live Casino games, then Ultimate Casino Holdem could be a good option to try.

▶ Can you play video poker online free?

Yes, most of the video poker games online have demo version available where you can get familiar with the game before playing for real money.

▶ How many hands of video poker per hour?

It may depend on your chosen game. Some of them are more fast paced than others. Usually it takes around 60-90 seconds for one hand so it means you would be getting around 45 hands per hour.

▶ How much bankroll for video poker?

You don’t really need a huge bankroll to play video poker. Usually bet sizes are as low as 0.02€ (in some games 0.50€ or 1€). So, 50€ should be good enough to start with.

▶ How much to bet on video poker?

It depends on your bankroll. At least in the beginning try to make lower bets and get familiar with the game first. And only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

▶ Which video poker game has the best odds?

Most of the time traditional games such as Jacks or Better or Aces and Faces offer the best RTP (over 99%). While RTP of live dealer poker games is usually lower (around 98% or less). You can always video poker edge in the game rules.

▶ How to beat video poker?

First of all, you would need to find a video poker game with the highest RTP, for eg.: Jacks or Better; Deuces Wild. Then, you should get familiar with the game rules and learn the correct strategy. Video poker can actually be the best bet if you know how to play.

▶ Is there a video poker app available?

Video poker casino games themselves do not have an app. However, most of the online casinos are well optimized for mobiles devices or have their own apps. So, you should be able to play your favorite games without any problem.

video poker online jacks or better-strategyVideo Poker Online for Money

This game was first introduced in Vegas in the ’70s for those who wanted an alternative of simple slot games that lacked certain levels of interaction. Since many Vegas tourists, as well as locals, didn’t fancy slot games, bosses of Casinos in Las Vegas, commissioned a creation of new exciting Video poker to satisfy millions of gamblers. There are a couple of differences between a game of video poker and a game of slots. One difference is that a slot game is based on pure luck, but a video poker game is one that needs skills. When playing a slot game, you do not need to make a decision; even when you do, it will not affect the outcome of the game. When it comes to video poker, you will need the skill to play the game, and it will affect the results of the game. With the slot games, you will hardly know the payout percentages, but this is evident when you play video poker online real money. As you play video poker, you need to make an informed decision to get the best from it, but this will not be the case when playing the slot game. This is because a slot game depends on luck.

best online video poker for real moneyPlaying online video poker for real money

If you know about video poker, I am sure you know that this is a game that is similar to five-card draw poker. The difference here is that you do not have opponents when playing the game and you will not lose more than the bet you initially placed. Even players with lower stakes can still find this game exciting. When you start the game, you are required to make a wage of one to five coins in the machine. You will be presented with five cards, and you will aim to come up with the best poker hand.

text - online video poker real money - joker

This is a draw game, and this means that you will get the chance to make your hand better. This will be made possible thanks to the fact that you will be able to discard a card or all five cards from your hand. You get to select the cards you wish to keep and press the deal button, and all the cards you do not want to keep will be replaced by the new ones.

On the final hand, the machine will pay you according to the pay schedule on the machine. As a standard measure, the better your hand is, the higher the amount that the machine will pay. When you choose to play Video Poker on the internet, the first thing you need to do is select one of the best casinos from best online casino rating list. Characteristics of a best video poker casino online include one that has favourable bonuses, quality customer support, a variety of games (make sure they also have a variety of best online video poker games) and proper and secure banking methods.

play real online video poker freeReal online video poker variations

An advantage with video poker over slot games is that you can plan on your return strategy since the paytable is posted on the game’s interface. Most of the video poker casino games make use of combinations of hands that are from the standard 52-card deck. You will realise that some games will use one or two additional joker cards. One variation of video poker that’s popular is the Deuces Wild, and it makes use of the 52-card deck, but the deuces are wild cards. There is a set of combinations that are used in the game, and the video poker payout is calculated with regard to the amount the machine is paying for each winning pattern.

With the RNG (Random Number Generator) technology being used in video poker machines, there is the possibility of having about 2,598,960 hands made from a deck of 52 cards. Since this is a probability, the online casino video poker can make an edge by adjusting the paytable of the video poker machines. It is not possible for you to do all the calculations in your head but you can access software, books or sites that will do the calculations for you to determine how much will be paid out for each paytable. When you master how to read the paytable, you can be confident that you are playing the game with the chance to get the best return on your bets. In the table below you will be able to see the main details about video poker games.

GameRTPBet sizesMulti-hands
Traditional Video Poker
Jacks or Better
~99.54%0.02€ - 20€
Tens or Better
~99.13%0.01€ - 20€
Aces and Faces
~99.20%0.02€ - 20€
Bonus Poker
~99.17%0.05€ - 50€
Joker Poker
from 96.10% to 98.00%0.02€ - 50€
Deuces Wild
from 91.42% to 100.76%0.05€ - 50€
Live Dealer Poker
Casino Holdem
97.84% or 99.18%0.50€ - 3 000€
Ultimate Texas Holdem
99.47%0.50€ - 1 000€
Three Card Poker
96.63% or 98.00%1€ - 5 000€
Caribbean Stud
~96.30%1€ - 1 000€

Here are traditional video poker variations you’ll find in most online casinos explained in detail: Jacks or Better – it is a variant of video poker and can be found almost in any online casino. As it’s simple to play, many new players prefer this game. Going with its 9/6 form can give one an attractive 99.54% return. But, there are also other low pay Video Poker Jacks or Better games. Jacks or Better is the lowest-paid hand that includes two Jacks, Kings, Queens, or Aces.

As it is paid evenly, players receive winnings equivalent to what they’d waged. Also, with most single-hand Jacks or Better variations, one can double their winnings as they’re offered a bonus game every time they get a Jacks or Better hand. You’ll be given five cards, four facing down with one facing up. Your goal will be to pick a card with a higher value from the four cards. Tens or Better – it is one of the video poker classic games. Also, it has some similarities with Jacks or Better as it uses a single deck and has a similar order of winning hands. But, with this poker, one can have frequent wins since its lowest paying hand is a pair of Tens. Players can change their paytable accordingly. In Tens or Better, full games are referred to as 6/5 Jacks or Better instead of 9/6 because payouts for Full House and Flush are six and five times one’s bet.

how to play video poker online - deuces wild and payouts

Pay charts are different depending on your machines or casinos. However, players can double their winnings after winning in a bonus game by using the Double button provided. With this poker, one should expect a return of 99.13% for full variations. However, like other variations, there are also several other low pay Tens or Better versions. Aces and Faces – it’s derived from Jacks or Better, but it is a bit complex. Players are offered 52 cards, and payouts start as in Jacks or Better hand. However, all Four of a kind hands offer increased payouts formed by Face Cards or Aces.

Aces and Faces have several versions, including 8/5, that offers an 80:1 payout ratio, 7/6, and 7/5 versions, which have low returns of 99.2% and 99.1%, respectively. Joker Poker – if played well, Joker poker can be player-advantage video poker. It consists of 5 cards plus an extra joker card that is wild and helps players form winning combinations quickly. A pair of Kings or Better is needed for payouts. A payout for natural hands is higher than those for hands formed with Joker’s assistance. Bonus Poker – it is a common version of video poker variations as it is more profitable. It offers both full pay and short pay variations in various ‘double’ forms. Full pay poker offers players with excellent winning opportunities. This game uses 52 cards with the lowest paying hand being Jacks or Better.

Video Poker Deuces Wild. Like, Jacks or Better, this poker can also be found in many casinos, both land-based or online. It is one of the most popular multi hand video poker online games. Cards come in different shapes as well as sizes, and it uses a single deck of 52 cards. Players are given four Deuces or Twos, which all serve as Wild Cards. Therefore, one can use them for completing a winning hand by replacing their dealt cards with a Deuce one.

Three of a kind is the lowest hand, and it is paid evenly, followed by Deuces and a Royal Flush, which is the highest. Since the Wilds increase the chances of getting a winning hand, most casinos offer low returns in variants of this game. However, full pay Deuces can potentially give a player a 100.76% payback if you play this game correctly and maximize your bets. It’s why Deuces wild is popular among gamblers. The Four of a kind and Five of a kind payout is 5 and 15 times your bet, respectively. But, if one wants more generous returns, they can play Not-so-Ugly-Deuces that offers a payout of $99.74. There are also Video Poker Deuces Wild free versions available to try out the game.

real video poker online game with real moneyReal video poker online hand ranks

Royal Flush


This is considered to be the highest-ranked hand you can have in a game of video poker. This is a hand of five cards of the same suit. When you have a video poker royal flush, you will get a payout of 200 to 300 times your bet amount.

Straight flush


This is said to be the second-best hand in the games of video poker. This is a hand of five cards that are sequential and are of the same suit. When you have such a hand, you can be sure to get a payout of forty to sixty times your wager amount.

Four of a kind

video-poker-hand ranks-four-of-a-kind

This is a hand made up of four cards of the same value; the fifth one need not be of the value or suit. When you have such a hand, be ready to bag twenty to thirty times your wager.

Full House

video-poker-hand ranks-full-house

The full house hand is made of three cards of the same value and two of different but matching value. Such a hand can be 5-5-5-J-J for example.


video-poker-hand ranks-flush

This hand is made of five cards that are not sequential but are of the same suit. For instance, it can be 2-4-8-10-A of spades.


how to play video poker-straight

This is said to be the sixth-best hand that you can get when playing a Video poker. This hand is made up of five sequential card values, but they do not need to be of the same suit.

Three of a kind

how to play video poker-three-of-a-kind

This hand is made of three cards of the same value; the other two need not be of the same value or denomination.

Two Pairs

how to play video poker-two-pairs

This hand is made up when you have two pairs of different cards of the same value.


video poker rules for beginner-one pair

In this categorisation, this is the least valued hand. This is when you have only one pair in hand.

best video poker game to playFull Pay vs. Low Pay Video Poker for real money

The classic 5 card draw, where video poker derives, is an easy to play variant of poker. As such, it’s rarely played in casinos or professional tournaments. When they were first introduced, video poker machines were called Draw Poker, nowadays known as Jacks or Better. This was the basis of most video poker real money games. If played correctly, it has a return rate of 99.54%. This means that if one wagers $100 for this game, they should expect to receive $99.54 returns. But, this is an average percentage, plus, it only applies for the game’s full variant where chances of winning are high. In Jacks or Better poker, winning hands are ranked similar as in regular poker, that is, with a Full House of nine times a player’s bet payoff. A Flush winning hand pays approximately 6 times one’s bet.

text - deuces wild - video poker casino online

That’s why when comparing different variations of poker, full-pay games are called 9/6 games. It’s, therefore, essential for players to determine how these two hands are paid. That’s why this information is normally displayed on the paytable of each game. But, there are also other video poker games in casinos that have low return percentages. These are called low pay games. Mostly, they have a 95% return rate. As such, this becomes less attractive to players. It’s no wonder casinos rarely advertise payout percentages of these games, thus making it hard for players to differentiate full pay from low pay machines. Nevertheless, one can find several low pay poker games such as 9/5, 7/5, etc. So it would be wise for players to review the paytable to find out whether a particular game has an advantage to them.

what is video pokerVideo poker play – Single Hand Vs. Multi-Hand

Single play or single hand games make the majority of video poker deluxe games. In these games, you’ll bet only on one hand at a time, like in table poker. But, recently, multi-hand, also called power poker games have spiced up things for players. They allow many hands to be played simultaneously. Players love them as they offer higher payouts for certain winning hands, and they even have Wild cards sometimes, thereby making it easy to win. It’s easy for one to get back their wager return after a short time, unlike if you play the same game in a single hand. But, although winning is easy, losing is just as easy. So, unless you’ve really mastered how to play multi-hand video poker, it would be best if you go with single hand games.

online video poker Jacks or BetterVideo Poker Strategy

Understand the game

how to play video poker_all american

You need to learn about the video poker variation you are playing. There are a couple of variants when it comes to the game. These include Tens or Better, online video poker Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker’s Wild, Bonus Poker and Bally’s All American. It is important for you to take your time to understand the rules of each variant you choose to play. Each of these variations is different and not knowing the difference in each of these variants will lead to disappointment. Choose the best video poker game to play.

Go for the maximum coin bets

If you are an ardent player of this game, then you will want to make the best of it. The best way to implement this is by making maximum bets. This will make it possible for you to get the full value of getting the royal flush.

Familiarize yourself with the pay structure

best video poker online casino, slots

You need to make yourself familiar with the structure of the game so that you can be prepared for the outcome. When you are aware of the pay structure, then you will make better judgements, and you will know the risks you are taking. When you are not sure about the video poker payouts, it is easy for you to be confused. Knowing about the pay structure might be the reason you will prefer one type of video poker to another.

Play online video poker free

It is possible for you to practice playing video poker from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. There are plenty of video poker casinos offering a free play of video poker. Learn from your mistakes and polish on your strategies with the free version games.

Be comfortable with the wins you make

A win is a win, and you need not be greedy trying to make a bigger one. Bag your wins and move to the next hand. When you make a loss, do not chase it, stick to your strategy, and you will recoup the losses in the long run. Learn to enjoy video poker and do not see it as a money-making machine game.

Start your gaming with a single hand

text - online casino video poker - cards, dice

When you are playing video poker for the first time, start with a single hand. Do not go for the multiple hands before you master the single-hand game.

Be a good manager of your bankroll

You need to be strict when dealing with your bankroll. When you run out of funds to bet, keep off from your casino. When you log in to your playing account, define how much you want to spend and when the money runs out log out from the casino. You need to keep track of your wins and losses to make sure you are aware of the money you are losing or winning. If you become a good bankroll manager, then you need not worry about being an addict or spending all your money on video poker gaming.

best video poker gameTypes of video poker games

There are some easy games that are easy to understand. One of these games is best video poker online jacks or better game. You do not need a cumbersome strategy for you to conquer in this game. The game does not have any payouts or a bonus payout to be concerned about. As a new video poker punter, this is the game to go for. There are other games which are deuces wild video poker and joker poker. You get a great chance to make a big hand such as the Wild Royal Flush or Four Of a Kind in the non-wild games, and this makes the whole exercise entertaining.

how to play video poker_joker poker

Some other games you will love include Quick Quads video poker, Super Times Pay Poker, and Multi-Strike poker. When you want to make the best of your video poker gaming extravaganza, go for the games that will give you great returns. The games that will earn this for you include Double Bonus, Deuces Wild, as well as Double Double Bonus. For you to be certain that the game will earn profits for you, you need to check the paytable. In a video poker, you will also come across some progressive machine games and multi-hand machines. We would recommend that you advance to these variants after you have mastered the single hand games.

video poker sitesPlay Video Poker Online for real money – how to choose the right game?

Less experienced players have a difficult time deciding on which video poker game is right for them, especially those playing at online casinos, which have various titles. But, it’s essential that you pick a suitable game since each has its rules as well as paytable (we always recommend trying out video poker free version before playing for real money). Fortunately, there are several things one should consider to help determine a good video poker. These include: Your skill level and expertise– new players, should wage for simpler poker variations such as Jacks or Better. They should also play several hands to master how to play them correctly. Fortunately, many casinos offer strategic charts that you can use to learn the basics of a game.

how to play video poker_jacks-or-better

The number of winnings– although people would rather choose variations that offer higher odds, it’s best that you go for ones that have more regular winnings. That means that new players should play low video poker payout games like Tens or Better that have lower-paying hands occurring frequently. Level of excitement– to get high returns, you should play a game for quite some time. But, if you find a particular game dull and boring, your betting session routine will also be boring. Therefore, one should look for entertaining video poker.

video poker casino games onlineLive Dealer Poker Online – a great alternative for video poker

Games that we wrote about above (Jack or Better, Deuces Wild, etc.) can be usually found in the Table Games or Video poker sections. But, there is another type of poker games available at modern online casinos – poker with live dealer. These games are usually really innovative and should be liked by video poker fans. Since the popularity of Live Dealer Games is growing really fast, live poker online is usually the first choice when it comes to casino poker. There are several poker games that can be found in Live Casinos including Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, Live 3 Card Poker, etc. These games are usually created by either Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, or Playtech. Further in the article we will give you more information about them. Casino Holdem – it is the most famous type of poker that can be found in online casinos. Since it is the most popular choice, several different game providers do offer this game – Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Microgaming, etc.

video poker online for money, red hair girl, chips, 4 aces, dice

Usually in Casino Holdem there is a single deck used for the game while the additional one is waiting in a shuffle machine in order to keep the action flowing. Unlimited number of people can be playing at one table at the same time. In Evolution’s version of Casino Holdem RTP for Ante bet is equal to 97.84% and for Play bet – 93.74%. Also, there is a choice to make an additional “Jumbo 7 Jackpot” bet for 1€. Unfortunately, RTP of this bet is really low – 81.64%. If you would decide to go for Playtech’s Casino Holdem then you could get a better RTP. For Ante bet it is 99.18% while for AA side bet – 93.74%. Three Card Poker – it is actually a really fun and fast type of poker. Your goal is to beat the dealer and collect a better 3-card combination.

At the start of the round the player needs to make a bet on Ante. Then, you will receive three cards while dealer’s cards will be dealt face down. If you think that your combination is strong enough to beat the dealer then you can press Play and make a bet equal to your Ante size. Otherwise, you can press Fold and give up your hand. RTP of this game is usually equal to 96.63% if you would choose Evolution’s version while Playtech’s Three Card Brag game has the RTP of 97.86-98.00%. Caribbean Stud Poker – it is another interesting variation of Texas Holdem poker.

video poker classic on mobile phone

In this game you have to beat the dealer (house) and collect a better 5-card combination. At the beginning of the round the player needs to make a bet on Ante. Then, 5 cards are being dealt for the player. Dealer receives 5 cards as well (4 of them face down and 1 face up). After cards are dealt, the player needs to decide if he wants to Play and make a further bet (bet size – 2X Ante). If a player decides to fold, then he loses his Ante bet. Evolution’s Caribbean Stud Poker RTP is equal to 96.30% while Playtech’s Casino Stud Poker RTP is 96.29%. So, there is no real difference in which game to choose. Ultimate Texas Holdem – this game is currently offered only by Evolution Gaming. Your aim here is to collect the best possible 5-card hand and beat the dealer’s hand. A combination can be made out of two cards dealt for the player and the five community cards which are available for the dealer as well. At the start of the round, the player needs to place a bet on Ante.

After making a bet on Ante, an additional bet on Blind will be made automatically. So, it is worth remembering that your total bet will be equal to 2x Ante. Total RTP of this game is equal to 99.47% and for a Trips bonus bet – 96.50%. There are several poker games made by studio as well: 6+ Poker (Short Deck Holdem) and Bet on Poker. 6+ Poker is played without twos, threes, fours and fives and a deck is made of 36 cards. Player needs to beat the dealer and collect the best five-card hand in order to win. Bet on Poker is a really innovative type of poker game. There are 6 different video poker hands dealt on the table and 5 community cards placed on the table (flop, river, turn). Players need to bet which one out of these 6 hands is going to be the best. Pre-game all the hands have the same odds to win – 5.20. Odds are changing after the cards are being dealt and also after flop, river and turn. So, during one round players have 5 opportunities to choose their favourite hand.

quick quads video pokerVideo Poker Online Casino – where to play?

Choosing a good Video Poker casino should be your top priority. You should thus lookout for certain things in a casino before deciding if it’s suitable for you. These include payout methods. Also, play video poker live in casinos that accept your preferred mode of payment. Also, you should ensure that currency won’t be a problem. Again, casinos should offer multi-provider game portfolios as they come with several games. Additionally, you should consider casinos that offer great bonuses. It is again essential that you determine whether the casino is available in your country. Check the casino’s website terms and conditions page to look at the list of countries and territories that a specific casino is restricted. Lastly, you should also check for fairness and security in a site.

video poker deluxe, casinos - 22bet, partycasino

Good casinos will only recommend random but fair games. And they’ll also ensure their clients’ safety. These are several video poker sites worth trying out. 22bet Casino – it is a really well-known gambling site which offers plenty of casino games as well. Talking about video poker, at this casino you would be able to find more than 50 traditional games. Including Oasis Poker, Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, etc. The choice is really great. 22bet can also offer a couple of live dealer poker games from Evolution Gaming and Ezugi. Including Ultimate Texas Holdem, Casino Holdem, Caribbean Stud and Three Card Poker. All the games are well optimized and work flawlessly on mobile devices as well. The main advantage of 22bet Casino – an easy registration procedure and especially fast withdrawals.

For those who use e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller, money will reach you in a matter of a couple minutes. PartyCasino – this brand is not only known for its casino, but it is famous for their traditional poker as well. At this casino players will be able to find several traditional video poker games such as Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Mississippi Stud, etc. In addition, there is a great choice of poker live dealer games. Including Live Three Card, Caribbean Stud, Live dealer Texas Holdem and Live Casino Stud. PartyCasino is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar as well as by the UK Gambling Commission. That makes it one of the most reliable online casinos around.

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